Enrhed Project Newsletter No.5 – July 2021

News added on: 29 June 2021

Welcome to this second quarterly Newsletter of 2021 concerning the EnRHEd project updates.

Months of April-June 2021 were dense with activity and renewed hope for travel: in April, UR organized a two-week workshop to implement the MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management. The event was attended by approximately 40 people and was a time of great cohesion and hard work for many UR lecturers in the field of Food Science and Technology (FST). 

In the meantime, the EnRHEd team present at the lead Organization (UNIPR) was able to promote a public call for the appointment of an independent expert in charge the quality evaluation and assessment related to the Project activities within the first half of the project period. 

Finally, with the decrease in Coronavirus cases in Europe and Rwanda and the reopening of intercontinental borders, the entire EnRHEd team was finally able to begin planning for mobility flows, now scheduled for the second half of 2021.

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April 2021

“At the table we meet, chat, relax, laugh… sometimes we get prickly, but good food is the peacemaker. It is capable of restoring a good mood even at the end of a tiring day.”

The economy of Rwanda strongly depends on agriculture and it has been so since long time. The government of Rwanda has made incredible efforts to increase agricultural productivity toward achieving food security and poverty reduction. Agricultural policy in Rwanda continues to focus on promoting agriculture intensification to increase productivity, promoting value addition, modernization, and improved quality of livestock to achieve an average annual growth rate of 8.5%.

In the framework of the EnRHEd Project, the University of Rwanda is developing a new MSc in Food Quality and Safety Management 

From April 26th to May 7th, the University of Rwanda organized a workshop for a group of academic staff members to effectively implement the new MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management.

The two-weeks workshop brought together 40 members of the UR academic staff and achieved 3 main objectives:

  • Working on need assessment 
  • Finalizing the course structure of the new Master 
  • Working on module book of MSc in Food Quality and Safety Management.

Click here to watch come moments of this exciting experience on the EnRHEd Youtube channel


May 2021

 “Quality is never accidental; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

In May 2021, UNIPR has concluded the selection process of the independent expert who will develop the mid-term evaluation and assessment foreseen in WP 5.1 of the EnRHEd Project. 

We are therefore pleased to introduce Dr. Katiuscia Cipri, who will guide us in the quality control procedures of EnRHEd with her professionalism and enthusiasm. Katiuscia coordinates other international projects co-financed by the European Union at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome and can be considered a real expert in the field of quality assessment (click here to know more about her).

Happy to work with her to develop the best potential of the ENRHEd Project, the whole team wishes Katiuscia all the best in her hard work within the framework of EnRHEd!


June 2021

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

The EnRHEd team begun to schedule some mobility flows for European teaching staff to Rwanda (Summer 2021) as well as for Rwandan administrative and teaching staff to Europe (Autumn 2021).

The first mission will take place between August 15 and September 10, when a group of teaching staff members from the European Institutions, namely UNIPR, RFH, ULIEGE, will fly to Rwanda. Several face-to-face activities will be carried out in the four campuses of Rwandan partner institutions, as follows:

  • Meetings between teaching staff for the set-up of the new academic curricula
  • Meetings between the Project Managers
  • Specific workshops in Food and Science Technology
  • Specific workshops in Environmental Protection, Safety and Management
  • Meetings with local entrepreneurs
  • Check and audit of the digital labs installation…

… and much more!

We are working to better organize these events in order to create an even closer synergy between the various participants of the EnRHEd project; in any case, we will keep you informed and publish constant updates on our social networks.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the EnRHEd community on our social networks!!!

See you in Rwanda in August!!!


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