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10 June 2022

Uliège team’s successful mobility in Rwanda!

A mobility in the framework of the Erasmus + Capacity building ENRHED project was carried out in Rwanda. During one […]

27 May 2022

Belgium is flying to Rwanda!

A new mobility in the framework of the EnRHEd project is planned from May, 28 in Rwanda (one week). Two […]

19 May 2022

Visits to food companies: valuable opportunity for our Rwandan teachers

This week was a busy week for our Rwandan teaching team in Parma. Accompanied by the project coordinator, Prof. Roberto […]

17 May 2022

International Conference of Science and Technology (ICT, Geomatics, Agricultural science and Econometrics)

On 2 June 2022, University of Technology and Arts of Byumba – UTAB, is organizing an International Conference of Science […]

12 May 2022

Activities overview for Rwandan delegation at UNIPR

As anticipated in our previous news, these days a group of 8 Rwandan lecturers are carrying out an international mobility […]

6 May 2022

A unique experience for 4 rwandan lecturers at CIBUS 2022 international exhibition

An important international exhibition, i.e. CIBUS 2022 – International Food Exhibition – which is the most important fair dedicated to […]

4 May 2022

Students from Germany (RFH-Koeln) and Rwanda has met togheter to improve a new project

We quote below the message written by the RFH team that has just returned to Germany after spending a week […]

2 May 2022

Rwandan lecturers in Italy: the African delegation will stay at UNIPR for a month

As of April 28, 2022, UNIPR has officially welcomed 10 Rwandan lecturers to share with them an experience of exchange, […]

24 April 2022

EnRHEd project gets to Naples to be presented at CUCS conference

On 21 and 22 April the EnRHEd team members Roberto Valentino and Marco D’Oria from the University of Parma were […]

20 April 2022

Project oriented collaboration between academia and industry in the context of EnRHEd – RFH mission to Rwanda

We share with you a letter we received from Luciana Stortoni, RFH Project Manager, who in few days will travel […]

21 March 2022

Enrhed Project Newsletter – March 2022

Dear all, here we are again to keep you updated on the ongoing activities within the EnRHEd Project. As you […]

21 February 2022

Trainings, workshops, official visits and future opportunity…what else?

The delegation from the University of Parma, composed by Prof. Roberto Valentino, Prof. Andrea Fabbri and Prof. Davide Barbanti, just […]

18 February 2022

EU Ambassador meets and encourages the EnRHEd delegation

The Ambassador of the European Union in Rwanda, Nicola Bellomo, invited the delegation from the University of Parma to be […]

17 February 2022

EnRHEd is received by the Rwandan Minister Claudette Irere

Today, Hon. Claudette Irere, Minister of State in Charge of ICT and Technical Vocational Education and Training, has met the […]

11 February 2022

Renewable energies and food technology at UTAB in the framework of EnRHEd Project

On 11 February 2022, the EnRHEd delegation was invited by UTAB_Byumba to hold a half-day workshop dealing with topics such […]

9 February 2022

Capacity building? IPRC-Musanze demonstrates how it is possible!

On 9 February 2022, the Workshop “University of Parma (UNIPR)-IPRC Musanze cooperation for innovation and exchange of best academic practices“, […]

6 February 2022

“EnRHEd is…”: a new slogan following our current mobility in Rwanda

It’s a few days that a delegation of the University of Parma is carrying out a new mission in Rwanda to […]

22 January 2022

What do you think? We asked the lecturers…

During the first mobility of Rwandan teaching staff in Italy, we interviewed some of them to get to know them […]

19 January 2022

Preparation for a new mission to Rwanda in February

Today we met online to share together the activities that will be carried out in Rwanda by the European delegation […]

12 January 2022

UNIPR TV interview about administrative training

During the first mobility carried out by the administrative staff at the University of Parma – UNIPR, the TV of […]

20 December 2021

Enrhed Project Newsletter – December 2021

Here we are again to keep you updated on the ongoing activities within the EnRHEd Project. As you already know, […]

24 November 2021

A video to enjoy the emotions

A short video to show the many emotions experienced during the workshop organized by UNIPR within the EnRHEd project. Many […]

20 November 2021

Ambassador of Rwanda in France encourages the EnRHEd team

On. François-Xavier NGARAMBE, Rwandan Ambassaeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire in France, greets and congratulates the EnRHEd delegation on the project that […]

17 November 2021

The representative of the City of Parma welcomes the delegation from Rwanda.

Today the Rwandan delegation was received by the President of the City Council of Parma for an official welcome. President […]

16 November 2021

The EnRHEd Project has been a real success: thank you all!

With great satisfaction, the entire EnRHEd team would like to thank all those who contributed to the realization of the […]

13 November 2021

Join our Workshop to be part of EnRHEd international event!

Don’t forget to be part of our International workshop on Youtube! Click here to watch our live streaming! Click here […]

11 November 2021


Here are the details of the program of the Workshop organized for Tuesday, November 16, from 8:30 am to 4:30 […]

9 November 2021

Last meeting before the flight!

We have just concluded our last pre-departure meeting organized to encourage (and advise) our Rwandan colleagues on the travel they […]

3 November 2021

It is official: Rwandan delegation in Italy soon!

First mobility from Rwanda to Italy will be officially planned for 16 people (from UR, INES-Ruhengeri, IPRC-Musanze, UTAB) From 14th […]

12 October 2021

Enrhed Project Newsletter No.6 – October 2021

Welcome to our quarterly Newsletter concerning the EnRHEd Project updates. In the last Newsletter of June 2021, the EnRHEd coordination […]

2 September 2021

1st architecture workshop: it is done!

One of the working areas included in the EnRHEd project activities is the field of Architecture. An interesting workshop on […]

2 September 2021

E-Learning training: end today to start tomorrow!

Between today and tomorrow are taking place the final workshops of the e-learning training started in January 2020 held by […]

27 August 2021

Abbé Innocent Consolateur and Prof. Roberto Valentino meet again to talk about EnRHEd

Thanks to the meeting between the two of them in 2018, EnRHEd came to life and today, during the mid-term […]

26 August 2021

UR Vice Chancellor welcomes the EnRHEd delegation

EnRHEd’s delegation was welcomed this morning by Vice Chancellor Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje along with Prof. Nosa O. Egiebor (Deputy Vice […]

24 August 2021

Project Managers meet each other face-to-face to share ideas for the EnRHEd future

INES-Ruhengeri has today hosted the Project Managers of the 4 Partner Higher Institutions for the mid-term technical meeting. UR was […]

23 August 2021

2-days workshop in Food Science and Technology

Today began the two-day workshop in the framework of Food Science and Technology (FST) held by Davide Barbanti, Professor at […]

20 August 2021

IPRC-Musanze welcoming EnRHEd delegation

Today the EnRHEd delegation to Rwanda visited IPRC Musanze to explore the implementation of Project activities including but not limited […]

19 August 2021

Strong collaboration with UTAB: new projects for the future?

EnRHEd also reached UTAB, University of Technology and Arts of Byumba, one of the 4 partner HEI partners of our […]

18 August 2021

UR-CAVM, an intensive mid-term visit!

On wednesday 18th, the EnRHEd delegation has also visited UR-CAVM in order to pursue the mid-term visit in Rwanda. During […]

17 August 2021

EnRHEd meets the INES official delegation

This morning the VC of INES, Rev.Fr Dr Hagenimana Fabien together with the DVCAR Dr. Yadufashije Callixte and DVCAS Kayishema […]

9 August 2021

Finally, we will take off!

After many attempts and some uncertainties due to the coronavirus pandemic, on Friday August 13 a small delegation of UNIPR […]

29 June 2021

Enrhed Project Newsletter No.5 – July 2021

Welcome to this second quarterly Newsletter of 2021 concerning the EnRHEd project updates. Months of April-June 2021 were dense with […]

28 June 2021

Katiuscia Cipri joins the EnRHEd team as independent quality expert

We notice you that Katiuscia Cipri has been finally appointed as the independent expert who will develop the mid-term evaluation […]

12 May 2021

2-weeks workshop for the implementation of the new MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management at UR

Take a look of this video: From April 26th to May 7th, the University of Rwanda called to gather […]

7 April 2021

EnRHEd Project Newsletter – April 2021

Welcome to this first Newsletter of 2021 concerning the EnRHEd project updates for the period January-March 2021. The year 2021 […]

31 March 2021

Digital equipment reaches also UR!

After UTAB and INES, the University of Rwanda (UR) is finally receiving most of the digital equipment thanks to the […]

25 February 2021

ICT equipment for INES

The EnRHEd project, funded by the European Commission, supports purchasing of ICT equipment for the 4 Rwandan partner Institutions, namely UR, INES-Ruhengeri, […]

26 January 2021

Happy Birthday EnRHEd!

The EnRHEd Project officially started one year ago and these days we are celebrating our first year of activity. Here are […]

18 December 2020

EnRHEd Project Newsletter – December 2020

Welcome to our third EnRHEd newsletter aiming to keep you informed about our exciting Project. As we already mentioned in […]

11 November 2020

The EnRHEd team continues to work despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19!!!

A few days ago the meetings with the individual beneficiary institutions of the EnRHEd Project were concluded to agree on […]

1 October 2020

EnRHEd Project Newsletter – October 2020

Welcome to our second EnRHEd Project newsletter! This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with the latest news […]

24 September 2020

ICT equipment for the 4 Rwandan partner Institutions

As many of you are already aware, the EnRHEd project, funded by the European Commission, supports purchasing of ICT equipment […]

17 June 2020

Webinars “Teaching in Food Technology”

We are very glad to announce that Prof. Davide Barbanti from Università di Parma (Italy) is inviting you to the […]

8 June 2020

EnRHEd Project Newsletter – june 2020

Welcome to our first EnRHEd Project newsletter! This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with the latest news […]

3 June 2020

Zoom e-learning training

EnRHEd Team is very glad to invite students from INES, UR, UTAB, IPRC-Musanze to the following e-learning training: Topic: “Learn […]

12 May 2020

Official EnRHEd project website is online

Check out Erasmus Plus EnRHEd (Enhancement of Rwandan higher education in strategic fields for sustainable growth) website to know more […]

24 March 2020

Webinars on the theme of e-learning

Organized by Rheinische Fachhochschule (RFH): Webinar 1 “What is e-learning?”Thursday, March 26th, 04:00 – 05:00 p.m. (Rwandan time) Webinar 2 […]

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