Enrhed Project Newsletter – January 2024

News added on: 10 January 2024

Last days of the EnRHEd project (or maybe not!?)

Do not make small projects; they do not have the charm to warm the blood of men and will probably never be realised themselves. Make big projects; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble and logical project, once entered, will never die, but will remain a living thing long after we are gone.

(Daniel Burnham)

Dear colleagues, dear friends of EnRHEd, 

January 2024 is a special month for this project because it has now come to the official end, after four years.

It is with a feeling of nostalgia that the EnRHEd management team from the 7 Partner Institutions is writing these brief notes. Many are the memories and experiences that come to mind, and many are the smiles exchanged between one work activity and another. 

It is extremely challenging for all of us to convey to you the feeling we felt in organising the various activities, from E-learning courses to Summer Schools, from training of teaching staff to classes for students. It is not easy to describe in few words the challenges we experienced and always overcame in a true spirit of capacity building. 

EnRHEd has allowed hundreds of teachers and students, both European and Rwandan, to get to know and respect each other, to collaborate and reflect on new teaching approaches, to develop new research and to make it as concrete as possible for local needs.

EnRHEd has been, is and will be a project of renewed enthusiasm, from which many other international projects have originated (e.g. GREATER), and which has allowed geographic distances not to be so important if there is a solid personal and professional relationship and mutual respect behind it.

We hope that teachers and students who participated in the EnRHEd project will carry this spirit of capacity building even in the future. The strong commitment in cooperation activities created in 4 years within the EnRHEd Project has been possible thanks to the financial support of the European Commission, which has always been committed to international relations and global social development.

Just a few numbers of the EnRHEd project:

  • 7 Higher Education Institutions involved (4 from Rwanda and 3 from Europe)
  • >350 students involved in the courses/activities carried out 
  • >50 teachers directly involved in project trainings/activities (plus as many who participated for specific activities)
  • >30 mobilities from Rwanda to Europe (both teachers and students)
  • >30 mobilities from Europe to Rwanda (both teachers and students)
  • 9 new curricula in the domain of Food Science and Technology designed 
  • 17 new curricula in the domain of Environmental Protection, Safety and Management designed 
  • 1 new E-learning platform activated (Moodle)
  • 2 Summer Schools in the field of Environmental Protection against natural hazards realized
  • 5 new digital laboratories and multiple new IT equipment (electronic whiteboards, projectors, computers…), worth approximately 140,000.00Euro/190,000,000.00RWF, installed
  • 11 new international Project experts formed
  • 1 new European project won (GREATER) + others coming soon
  • 2 International workshops hold 
  • >10 diplomatic offices (embassies, consulates, Rwandan ministries…) involved 

Thanks to all who have supported us along this wonderful adventure: we hope to meet again soon in Europe or in Rwanda!!! 


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