The Project Managers leave, the ideas and exchanges remain!

News added on: 10 November 2023

After spending two weeks at UNIPR, the project managers of the 4 Rwandan HEIs will leave in the next few days to return to Rwanda.

During these two weeks, the Project Managers – always followed and assisted by the project coordinator Roberto Valentino – discussed the strengths and weaknesses that have characterized the progress of EnRHEd in these 4 years, they explained the many activities carried out thanks to the project and they argued new ways of working and sharing in view of new projects to be presented (and why not, also won) in the coming months.

Precious truths – which certainly contribute to affirming how the spirit of Capacity Building on which the EnRHEd Project was founded has developed – have emerged in recent years and has accompanied dozens and dozens of students, technicians and teachers in a careful path of sharing, exchange and knowledge, both human and professional, which will certainly help participants grow and improve in the future.

In fact, the Project Managers had the opportunity to retrace the 4 years spent together as they had to check the supporting documents, the budget spent and the mobility carried out so as to be able to collaborate in the drafting of the final documents which will be presented to the EACEA at the end of the Project (14 January 2024). Together and also individually, they were then also interviewed by the external quality evaluator, Katiuscia Cipri, who wanted to collect the opinions of those who experienced the project activities up close: the feedback was positive and certainly useful in drawing up an evaluation exterior of great objectivity.

Furthermore, during this period, the project managers were able to meet again with numerous Italian teachers and students who they had met during the mobilities in Rwanda, thus strengthening the partnership and scientific relations between Europe and Africa. We cannot fail to tell you that the Rwandan delegation visiting Italy was also welcomed by the President of the Independent Evaluation Committee of the University of Parma, Maria Candida Ghidini, and by the new Rector of the University of Parma, Paolo Martelli, who are congratulated for the many objectives that the EnRHEd Project has managed to achieve in recent years.

In short, as the title of this News says: The Project Managers leave, the ideas and exchanges remain!

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