EnRHEd meets the INES official delegation

News added on: 17 August 2021

This morning the VC of INES, Rev.Fr Dr Hagenimana Fabien together with the DVCAR Dr. Yadufashije Callixte and DVCAS Kayishema Alexis, met the coordinator of the EnRHEd project, Prof. Roberto Valentino, to discuss the results achieved in the last time in the framework of EnRHEd as well as to plan together the next steps to be taken to reach the best outcome of the project. On the same time, Prof Valentino officially handed over the printed brochure of EnRHEd, which will be also distributed to all interested parties during the next meetings, conferences, workshops held during the EnRHEd activities. The occasion was undoubtedly useful: through this face-to-face meeting the two delegations have discussed many topics, including, of course, that of e-learning, considered among the most critical given the ongoing situation of covid pandemic. The VC of INES himself has in fact promoted a greater use of online platforms for future EnRHEd activities, so as to achieve the project aims while adapting to the changing health needs.

Following the official meeting, the EnRHEd delegation then organized a workshop with the INES Lecturers of Civil Engineering, Land Survey and Food Science & Technology to discuss about Project activities, status of curricula revision/set up of new curricula and next steps for the EnRHEd implementation. The day ended with the official visit of the EnRHEd coordinator, accompanied by the Project Manager of the University of Parma, Francesco Maria Froldi, to the new digital laboratories installed at INES thanks to the financial support of the European Commission.

From the warm welcome given to the EnRHEd delegation and from the intense interest shown during the activities carried out today, it is quite clear that the relationship built between Europe and INES is becoming more and more strong!

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Università Parma
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University Rwanda
University Ruhengeri
IPRC Musanze
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme