Enrhed Project Newsletter No.6 – October 2021

News added on: 12 October 2021

Welcome to our quarterly Newsletter concerning the EnRHEd Project updates.

In the last Newsletter of June 2021, the EnRHEd coordination team was preparing the mid-term mission, which effectively took place in Rwanda in August 2021. In the first part of this Newsletter we will tell you more about this fruitful mission, which was, in everyone’s opinion, an essential trip to tighten some relationships  and share new project activities for the future between EnRHEd members.

As soon as returned to Italy, the EnRHEd coordination team based in the University of Parma (as leading institution) finalized the documentation that had to be submitted to the European Commission by September 15. The required supporting documents, including several summary reports, were then actually submitted on time and remain available to anyone who wants to read them (by email request).


August 2021

 “Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success”

From August 16 to September 5, an official delegation led by Roberto Valentino has carried out the mid-term visit in Rwanda with the aim to coordinate the EnRHEd Project activities and share new Project proposals.

During the mission, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the four Rwandan Partner Institutions, namely the University of Rwanda – UR (at both CAVM and CST colleges), IPRC-Musanze, INES-Ruhengeri and UTAB-Byumba. The EnRHEd coordination team had the opportunity to meet Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje, the new Vice Chancellor of UR, Fr. Dr. Fabien Hagenimana, Vice Chancellor of INES, Dr. Joseph Mfinanga, Deputy Principal of IPRC, and Dr Eliezer Niyonzima, Vice Chancellor of UTAB. The delegation also met several groups of faculty members who – since January 2020, i.e. the start date of the EnRHEd Project – have been actively involved in both the revision of current programs and the development of new curricula in the strategic fields of Food Science and Technology (FST) and Environmental Protection, Safety and Management (EPSM).

The mission proved to be a fruitful occasion to strengthen the collaborative relationships between the different EnRHEd teams located in different Rwandan HEIs and it will surely be a milestone in view of the future Project development.

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“At the table we meet, chat, relax, laugh… sometimes we get prickly, but good food is the peacemaker. It is capable of restoring a good mood even at the end of a tiring day.”

During the mission, the EnRHEd delegation had the opportunity to visit the digital labs set up in the four Rwandan Institutions thanks to EnRHEd Project funds, which were specifically allocated for the purchase of new IT tools.

It is with great pleasure that the EnRHEd team has been able to see the presence of several students who were using the new digital material and were attending some lessons displayed into interactive whiteboards.

At each visit, the EnRHEd team has put the stickers of the European Commission on the digital tools in order to certify the acquisition. Let’s see some photos here…

We have nothing left but to thank all those who have made it possible to achieve this goal!!!


 “E-learning: a new way to teach and share knowledge”

During the mid-term visit, the official conclusion of the E-learning training took place partially online and partially face-to-face. Both the training and the final presentation were leaded and organized by Prof. Stefan Ludwigs and his team from RFH-Koln, i.e. one of the EnRHEd Project Partners.

This training aimed at developing and enhancing E-learning and digital teaching in the Rwandan Institutions. 

The final session of the E-learning training has been attended by numerous Rwandan teachers who have presented different teaching strategies, individually implemented on their Moodle platform. Given the brilliant outcomes, we can say that EnRHEd has achieved the objective of forming specialized teaching staff members in the field of E-learning in each Rwandan Institution.

In order to testify the acquired skills and abilities in the field of web-based E-learning teaching and online didactic methodologies, an official certificate will be delivery to teachers who successfully completed the E-learning training.

Before saying goodbye, we would also like to anticipate a little “tidbit”: if the anti-covid measures will allow it, between November and December 2021 the University of Parma is ready to host 10 administrative staff members and 7 teachers coming from the 4 Rwandan institutions. They will work together with the administrative staff and the teaching staff of UNIPR and will attend interesting trainings carried out by EnRHEd: these training will concern the sharing of the best internationalization practices and teaching methodologies as well as the creation of new didactic contents for the students. But, for now, ssssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone.?

Follow us because in the coming months there are many events planned that you too can participate in… coming soon!


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