Project oriented collaboration between academia and industry in the context of EnRHEd – RFH mission to Rwanda

News added on: 20 April 2022

We share with you a letter we received from Luciana Stortoni, RFH Project Manager, who in few days will travel to Rwanda with a delegation of German teachers and students in the framework of EnRHEd Project . The RFH team will carry out an intense week of work at the 4 HEIs partners of EnRHEd: workshops, training on e-learning and meetings will be the focus of the mission.
We let you read what RFH has communicated to us:

Finally, the time has come to pack our bags: we are leaving for Rwanda after the long and forced break imposed by the pandemic. Among the various missions within the EnRHEd project, this one has a special value for us at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln: this time we, the team of teacher, will have with us 4 students of our university who have been working on a collaborative project with their colleagues from the 4 Rwandan HEIs partners of EnRHEd. An innovative and ambitious project that aims to use digital tools in the field of food, production and processing, in cooperation with private companies. All this with a preparatory training for all involved students in the field of project management.

During the next week we will participate in 3 different workshops in 3 different cities of Rwanda together with 16 students from University of Rwanda, INES-Ruhengeri, IPRC Musanze and UTAB. All together we will work to identify and coordinate joined topics and to involve the selected private companies.  Next steps for project implementation will follow in the upcoming missions that will take place in both Rwanda and Germany.

During this mission we will also do an intensive training in e-learning that RFH has been conducting for many months with lecturers from Rwandan HEIs. The lecturers are now applying what they have learned and we continue to follow them with couching targeted to different needs. Remote collaboration, that we have learned to use well in these last two years, has been very useful to all of us, but from now on we will use every possibility to find each other and work together in presence.

Finally, one of the most important meaning of projects like EnRHEd is the meeting, the exchange and the understanding between different cultures: they are the most important premise for a peaceful future!

We promise that, after these words that come from the heart, we will keep you constantly updated of the experiences that the participants of EnRHEd will live in these days in Rwanda!

Lead partner
Università Parma
Project partners
University Rwanda
University Ruhengeri
IPRC Musanze
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme