“Landslides and slope stability analysis in Rwanda” Summer School at IPRC-Musanze

News added on: 5 July 2022

Rwanda, which has an extension of 26,338 km2 and a population of more than 12,000,000 habitants, has been recently affected by very intense rainfalls that caused a large number of both shallow and deep landslides with significant damage to structures, infrastructures, agricultural soil and life losses. To guarantee the protection of life, goods, natural environment and human activities, the need for a basic engineering, geological, geomorphological and hydro-geological knowledge of methods to analyze slope stability is growing and should be developped in Rwandan HEIs.

With this in mind, the EnRHEd team based at IPRC-Musanze proposed to their European and Rwandan colleagues to organise an international Summer School entitled “Landslides and slope stability analysis in Rwanda”, whose main objectives are improving the awareness of civil engineers about hydrogeological hazard in the Rwandan area, increasing the knowledge of Civil Engineers, Geologists and technicians about the problem of landslides, bringing up the capability of tackling and solving slope stability problems, introducing knowledge about problems connected with deforestation and solutions through replanting of soil slopes for stabilization purposes.

The Summer School could be hosted at Rwanda Polytechnic – College of Musanze, and will last 1 week (from 11 to 16 July 2022): it will include both theoretical lessons by Italian professors and practical exercises, through the use of appropriate numerical codes specifically designed for slope stability analyses (see also https://www.rocscience.com/rocscience/products/slide). End-users of the Summer School will be technicians, civil engineers, geologists, teaching staff and practitioners who will be responsible of territory management and land protection.

The Summer School programme is shown below:

The Summer School will also be made possible thanks to the contribution of many sponsors besides EnRHEd and IPRC-Musanze; many thanks are expressed to ICL-International Consortium on Landslides, AIGeo-Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology, Rocscience, Iah-Aih Italian Chapter, University of Parma.

Lead partner
Università Parma
Project partners
University Rwanda
University Ruhengeri
IPRC Musanze
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme