Trainings, workshops, official visits and future opportunity…what else?

News added on: 21 February 2022

The delegation from the University of Parma, composed by Prof. Roberto Valentino, Prof. Andrea Fabbri and Prof. Davide Barbanti, just returned to Italy after spending 3 weeks in Rwanda.

They have held some didactic trainings and seminars for students and lecturers of the four Rwandan partner Institutions. The lecturers were joined by three students from the University of Parma, who will spend six months in Rwanda doing research as part of the parallel “Overworld” project.

In addition to the trainings, the visiting delegation was warmly welcomed by the African colleagues, who organised some excellent workshops to describe the activities carried out within EnRHEd and to discuss through round tables future project developments and upcoming activities.

The workshops were held:

  • At INES on 7 and 10 February
  • At IPRC on 9 February
  • At UR-CAVM on 10 February
  • At UTAB on 11 February

A Rwandan television broadcaster was also invited to interview some of the EnRHEd participants. The report aired on national TV can be seen at the following link. Some videos of the events will soon be uploaded on EnRHEd’s Youtube channel, don’t miss them!

The visit to the University of Byumba was an opportunity to sign a bilateral cooperation protocol between the University of Parma and the University of Byumba.

The delegation was also welcomed at the Rwandan Ministry of Education by Hon. Claudette Irere, Minister of State in charge of ICT and technical vocational education and training, together with a group of executives of the same Ministry.

Also the Ambassador of the European Union in Rwanda, Dr Nicola Bellomo, invited the delegation from Parma to be informed about the latest developments of the EnRHEd project and future cooperation perspectives.

On this front, during the period spent in Rwanda, it was possible to work on the drafting of a new Erasmus+ project in the field of renewable energies, thanks to the coordination of Prof. Paolo Ciampolini (from the University of Parma) and the involvement of the four Rwandan partner institutions.

Following the visit that a Rwandan delegation made last November to the University of Parma, we can proudly say that this mission has achieved the EnRHEd goal of Capacity Building. This opportunity allowed staff of Rwandan and European institutions to meet and discuss about the future, promoting collaboration, establishing good practices of internationalization and stimulating the improvement of the local higher education.

The EnRHEd project foresees further exchanges of teachers and students between Parma and Rwanda and vice versa in the coming months.

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Università Parma
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